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Ampeg Scrambler

Here’s another oddball fuzz circuit. The Ampeg Scrambler is a very unique sounding fuzz pedal that I thought I would build, even though I really have very little use for it. Its sounds range from a mild mis-biased overdrive to a really bad (in a good way) squawk to 8-bit octave up sounds.

Here’s the vero layout I used. Thanks Sabrotone!

Ampeg Scrambler Vero

The pedal features just two controls. One for Blend and one for Texture. The blend allows you to mix the “wet” signal with your guitar’s clean tone, and the texture simplies adds more insanity to the sound. I thought about adding a master volume to this pedal, but then decided against it. My favourite sound is using a neck pickup (with tone on zero) and playing higher up on the fretboard. This allows the octave up sound to really shine through, and sounds great with a dash of delay and reverb.

Ampeg Scrambler Gutshot

For the paint I used a combination of anodized automotive paint, and a wire brush attachment on my dremel to get a bit of a flamed maple look to the enclosure. Once again, I created the artwork using GIMP. Here’s how she turned out.

Ampeg Scrambler

I thought about using the Ampeg logo originally, but I like the way the pedal turned out.

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