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Danoboost (Modified EHX LPB-1)

Here’s another easy build for you. It’s a “clean” boost that uses a single 2N5089 transistor. I use the word clean in quotations as this pedal does add quite a hearty boost to your signal and will cause your amp to clip into beautiful overdrive. This pedal is based off of the Electro Harmonix LPB-1, which was one of EHX’s first designs. Instead of being a pedal, it was a small box that plugged directly into the guitar. It was first released in 1969 and still is sold today as part of EHX’s Nano series. Here’s a gutshot of my build.

As you can see it is not a complicated circuit as it consists of only a few parts. The major modication I did was add the option of switching the input capacitor to limit the amount of bass to pass through the pedal. While the original LPB-1 was limited to being a full frequency boost my version can operate as a full, mid, or treble booster. This allows the Danoboost to get anything from that nice Rangemaster scream to a full boost for punishing your amp. It took me several tries to find the right cap values (sockets are your friend!) but once dialed in I think this pedal will compliment any tube amp. Finally, here’s the final product. the artwork was done using GIMP.

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