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Thing-A-Ma-Bob (Atari/Nintendo/Gated Fuzz)

When I first got into pedal building this was one of the first builds I ever made. To be honest, it’s the perfect first build. It has a very low parts count, will fit in a tiny enclosure, and doesn’t require any “mojo” parts that will cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s the vero layout I used (Thanks to FUZZZZzzzz from DIYStompboxes/ for creating this circuit and sharing the layout)

Thing-A-Ma-Bob Vero LayoutUpon first building this pedal the first thing that I noticed is that it is LOUD. I added a volume control to somewhat “tame” this pedal. I did this by simply adding a 100KA pot to the end of the circuit. Lug 3 connects to OUT, lug 2 to output (on the footswitch) and lug 1 goes to ground.

You’ll have no trouble fitting this board into a 1590B enclosure. Once again I chose not to add a battery snap (no use for it anyways) and you can see how small the circuit actually is.

Thing-A-Ma-Bob Gutshot

It sounds much like an old Nintendo system. It’s gated, dirty, and very “8-Bit”. The one knob acts as a gate. You can have the pedal set wide open and you’ll get oscillating noise but as you turn it up it’ll gate the sound, making it sound sputtery or like a fuzz face with a dying battery. For such a simple build it has some very unique sounds that you wouldn’t be able to get out of other fuzz pedals. It’s not polite sounding, but be warned if you use it at a gig people will ask you “what pedal is that??!?”


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