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Heyhey (Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff)

Welcome to my pedal building blog. I recently complicated my Masters and now that I have a bit more free time I finally got a around to starting this blog. Here you’ll find some pics of recent builds, information and tips about pedal building, and some links to various blogs of like-minded individuals. To start out here’s a Green Russian Big Muff I completed yesterday. We’ll start with a shot of the populated circuit board.  I use vero (strip) board for the majority of my builds. It’s pretty straight forward and it’s easy to find various schematics for different pedals. I just ordered a few different PCBs, so be on the lookout for those in future posts.

I’ve been working on cleaning up the wiring inside my builds. It’s still not near the level of OCD I’m looking for, but it has greatly improved since the first pedal I built (A 386-based fuzz IIRC).

Unfortunately as you can see I’m not the best photographer. The only camera I own is part of my ancient cell phone. Eventually I’ll purchase a camera (sure sure) but for now we’ll just make best of Zach Morris’ cell phone camera. Finally here’s a shot of the completed build. I used Krylong “camouflage” paint on the enclosure. It’s very easy to work with and has a very nice flat finish. Perfect for Sovtek pedals or for that Sherman Tank that’s been on your front lawn for the last few decades. As you can see I still hate working with Waterslide decals. Maybe the ones I bought off Ebay aren’t the best quality (the engrish instructions certainly aren’t) but no matter how careful I am I still get a few air bubbles. Oh well, they work well enough. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to put this line on a pedal, but I think it’s pretty appropriate.

That white footswitch washer kind of ruins it I know, but it’ll stay until I find a suitable metal replacement. The pedal fired up right away and compared to my IC muff the Greenie has a bit less gain but far more output and BASS. It has a warehouse of bass. Great Success!

See you next time.

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