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This week we’re looking at another PCB build. This time we’re building a PT2399 based delay. While it is a digital delay it is still capable of sounding quite analog in nature. The PCB is high quality and very reasonably priced. The beauty is that there is plenty of room for modifications with this circuit. After reading up on what others have done with this circuit I made up my mind on what I’d like to implement into my build.The first mod I added was a lofi/hifi switch. While in the lofi position the repeats are much more grainy and can get quite unstable sounding. In the hifi mode the delay times are slightly shorter but the quality of the repeats are greatly improved. The other modification that I added was a “hold” switch that allows infinite repeats. The schematic suggests using a momentary switch but I chose to use a latching switch instead. Here’s a shot of the populated PCB. After switching a few resistors a couple times I decided it’d be much easier to just add sockets. This way I was able to fine tune the circuit to my specifications.

And here’s the completed build. Orange wire for TEH TOANZ.

So the most problem I had with this build was getting the decal right. Using clear decals on a black sparkle background can be a frustrating experience. Here’s what happened when I trying applying the chosen artwork for this pedal.

Looks a little bit dark on the black sparkle background. Without any white decal paper in stock I was forced to improvise. I taped up the sides of the pedal and did a light coat of white paint on top so the decal would appear better. Here’s the final build!


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