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Lovepedal Woodrow (Electra Distortion)

Today we’re going to look at a Tweed-amp-in-a-box pedal called the Lovepedal Woodrow. It’s based off of the Electra Distortion circuit, which you can see below.

As you can see, it’s a simple one transistor design that uses two diodes for clipping. The original circuit calls for a silicon 1N4148 diode and a germanium 1N34A diode. But as you all may know there are countless options for clipping diodes, and this is a great circuit to experiment with (Once again, sockets are your friend). And here’s the vero layout I used.

Lovepedal Woodrow Vero

Socket those diodes!

The Lovepedal Woodrow is one of the many Lovepedal designs based off of the Electra circuit, but has several component changes. It was designed to emulate the tone of a cranked Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe amp. While I don’t think the pedal matches that description accurately, it does have some tweedy characteristics and is a great OD pedal that works with your amp to get that ragged glorious tweed tone.

Anyways, back to diodes. By adding sockets to the veroboard changing diodes is a snap. I tried out 1N914 (1N4148 is very similar) silicons, BAT 46 schottky, 1N4001 rectifier, 1N60 and 1N34A germaniums, and several different types of LEDs.

Some of the diodes used in my Lovepedal Woodrow

After spending an afternoon testing out diodes and watching hockey I decided that I preferred a silicon germanium combo (1N914 and 1N34A) and that BAT46 and LEDs really do not mesh with this circuit. It’s funny how the pedal took around 90 minutes to build and I spent far more time tweaking it with different diodes. Here’s a gutshot for those interested.

It’s a nice clean build that would even fit into a 1590A enclosure. Finally, for the graphics and pedal design I wanted to keep it clean and nice and tidy (much like the insides!) Using my high tech paint studio (unheated garage and rattle cans) I used silver hammertone paint. Originally I planned on using a graphic of Gordie Howe from the Simpsons (internet high five if you get the reference) but alas I finally decided on just adding my name at the bottom. A stupidly bright blue LED completes the pedal. As for naming it I think the Woody Laboratories Woody would be a little bit odd, so we’ll just call it Tweed.

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