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D*A*M* Meathead and a Germanium Fuzz Face

Happy new year everyone,

Here’s a couple builds I’ve been upto in the last while. The first is a DAM MeatHead that was a Christmas gift for my good friend and bandmate. I think this is the 4th MeatHead I’ve built. It’s a pretty easy build and is a great sounding circuit. It’s got quite a bit of gain although I think I might try changing the input/output caps in my personal build to add a bit more bass to the sound.

I used a sample image of an oxblood grillcloth for the graphic and titled this pedal “Duchess” after the TV show Archer. The side and back of the enclosure are brushed aluminum and I used a frosted white LED.

And here’s another fuzz for you all. It’s your standard Germanium based fuzz face but I swapped one of the resistors with a 10K pot to act as a bias for the second transistor. I used two 2N404 transistors with a hfe of 100-ish for both of them. The bias pot is a pretty interesting feature and I can get some wild sputtery sounds as well as traditional fuzz tones. Compared to my silicon based FF this pedal has less high end and is much more smooth while having far less gain. I’m a fan.  I used Neutrik jacks and a more heavy-duty 9V adaptor in this build. I think from now on I’m going to use these parts in all my builds as I want to build pedals to last. The enclosure is painted with a silver “hammertone” paint and does not have an LED or a 9V jack. a 9V Battery will last a long time in a fuzz without an LED and since it’s a positive ground pedal I wouldn’t be able to daisy-chain it with my other pedals.

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