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Bazz Fuss (For The Elwins)

Here’s one of the easiest fuzz circuits you can build. This simple circuit contains 5 parts yet sounds great on both fuzz and guitar. I built this pedal for one of my favourite bands, The Elwins. They’re a great Canadian indie rock band from Newmarket(ish), Ontario. I’ve been lucky to share the stage with these boys several times, and they always put on a great show. Here’s how it turned out.

Bazz Fuss Gutshot

A Battery clip?? Gasp!

)If you check out this webpage Bazz Fuss Fun, you’ll see that there are a few different variations on the circuit. As this pedal would be used for mostly bass, I decided to go with Revision 3. This version features a huge input cap (4.7 uf) and a single Darlington transistor (MPSA13. Here’s a layout for those interested.

Bazz Fuss Vero

Please note the v.3 that I built uses a MPSA13 transistor, NOT a 2N3904 (too gated for my tastes).

I also added a very large electro cap (47 uf) across the power rails. This helps filter out ripple from the power supply (or so I’ve been told), and helps out a bit when the battery starts to die. However, since it’s such a simple circuit I imagine a 9V battery will last a very long time.

Bazz Fuss

Birds courtesy of The Elwins’ album cover.

I couldn’t decide on what colour LED to use, so I placed several in a bag and chose a random one. We ended up with pink, which oddly enough, looks pretty good on this pedal.

And there you have it. It’s a great first build, and great for modding. Enjoy!

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